Job Corp. 

   Job Corps, established in 1964 by the U.S. Department of Labor, is a government-funded program designed to assist struggling young adults. According to the Office of Job Corps, their mission is to “attract eligible young people, teach them the skills they need to become employable and independent, and place them in meaningful jobs or further their education.” Once enrolled in the program, students are provided with a place of residence, clothing, food, transportation to and from the center, a living allowance, and health and dental care. 

   The closest center to our church, Great Onyx Job Corps, is located right in the heart of Mammoth Cave. About 200 students are currently enrolled at this location. On the first Monday of every month, we have the opportunity to share the Gospel with these young people. A group of ten to fifteen people leave from the church around 5:00 P.M. in order to arrive at Job Corps in enough time to get everything set up and invite some students to the services. Approximately 8-10 young people faithfully attend the services and seem to want help. One young man said he really appreciated our church taking the time to share the Gospel with him. He acknowledged that it costs the church money to send someone there every month and wanted to give money to help pay for gas. He only had $2 but gave what he had to show his appreciation. Bro. Josh Calloway coordinates transportation for this ministry.

6700 HWY 261 South

McQuady, KY 40153


PH: 270.756.0061