Things to Know

Grade grouping for all categories of Fine Arts Competition has been changed to include the following: 

Elementary grouping consists of grades 3‒5.

Junior High grouping consists of grades 6‒8.

High School grouping consists of grades 9‒12. (9thgraders will no longer be allowed to compete in the Junior High categories.)


If your child is competing in Academic Testing in New Testament and/or Old Testament, the student needs to be encouraged to read the assigned book(s) of the Bible and to familiarize themselves with the content of these books in order to be prepared for the testing.  Students are given this information at our Orientation and those affected by the class change will be receiving a revised listing of their assignments as soon as it is clarified with TACS. 

EXCITING NEWS!   A Student Art Exhibition has been planned for Friday, January 11, 2019 @ 6:00 p.m. in the gymnasium with a fund-raiser meal included. ALLSTUDENTS (grades K-12) will be required to exhibit at least onequalifying entry in this event, but they are being encouraged to participate in as many of the 25 art categories as they can reasonably complete. For each category with more than two state-competition-qualified entries, there will be a decision made by pre-selected judges to determine which two entries from each class will be chosen to compete at the state competition in March, 2019. 

All students MUST have their project completedby the Art Exhibition date; therefore, it is requested that the students begin NOW to work diligently on their project(s). Parental involvement in this process is criticalto the student’s success. Project checks will be done periodically by designated members of the school staff to ensure that the student is moving toward completion by the date of the exhibition. Dates will be announced soon for these project checks. 

WE NEED HELP!!If our students are to be prepared for state competition, adults to coach and encourage are a MUST! Many people have talents/abilities in one or more of the areas of competition and could be used by the Lord to help a needy student. We need dedicated volunteers who are willing to help our students be successful by doing such things as: listening to memorized speeches, coaching the speakers, singers, or musicians, practicing spelling words or sword drills, helping with Bible preaching or teaching, helping with photography, crafts, woodworking, sculpture, etc.  No contribution is too small. All help is greatly appreciated! Also, if our school’s Student Art Exhibition in January is successful, it will be the result of the work of MANY people. If you can help in any way, please respond ASAP to Mrs. Kathy Brooks @270-510-0030 or

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PH: 270.756.0061