State Competition

Congratulations to all the students who placed at State Competition this year, and a big THANK YOU to all the parents, coaches, and coordinators for all their hard work!

For a listing of the Academic Testing Winners click HERE

State Competition Winners:


Elementary First Place Winners:

Large Vocal Ensemble

Small Vocal Ensemble

Male Vocal Solo - Josiah Crawford

Piano Duet Sacred - Morgan Tucker and Makenah Voyles

Sword Drill - Makenah Voyles

Pastel Chalk - Josiah Crawford

Craft - Morgan Tucker

Photo: Landscaping and Architecture: Makenah Voyles

Photo: People and Animals - Makenah Voyles

Photo: Still Life Macro - Makenah Voyles

Speech: Humorous Interpretation - Morgan Tucker

Speech: Dramatic Interpretation - Makenah Voyles

Elementary Second Place Winners:

Sword Drill - Amos Bartlett

Male Vocal Solo - Amos Bartlett

Female Vocal Solo - Morgan Tucker

Piano Solo Classical - Morgan Tucker

Acrylic Painting - Aleigha Bartlett

Color Pencil Drawing - Amos Bartlett

Pastel Chalk Drawing - Joseph Crawford

Pastel Oil Drawing - Morgan Tucker

Photo: Still Life and Macro - Morgan Tucker

Elementary Third Place Winners

Spelling - Aleigha Bartlett

Classical Piano Solo - Aleigha Bartlett

Black & White Pencil Drawing - Amos Bartlett

Watercolor Drawing - Makenah Voyles

Photo Landscaping & Architecture - Josiah Crawford

Woodworking - Peyton Compton

Junior High:


Junior High First Place:

Bible Quizzing

Small String Ensemble - Jill Calloway, Abigail Hill

String Solo - Abigail Hill

Speech Declamation - Caleb Ogburn

Speech Oral Interpretation of Scripture - Jill Calloway

Acrylic Painting - Jody Crawford

Sculpture - Wyatt Tucker - Best of Show

Photo: Still Life- Abby Hill

Photo: Landscaping/Architecture - Alyssa Richards

Photo: People & Animals - Alyssa Richards

Junior High Second Place Winners:

Small Vocal Ensemble

Female Vocal Solo - Jill Calloway

Male Vocal Solo - Ryan Voyles

String Solo - Jill Calloway

Piano Solo - Jenna Calloway

Speech Humorous Interpretation - Hunter Persinger

Craft - Samantha Sanders

Black and White Pencil Drawing - Alyssa Richards

Charcoal Drawing - Jillian Calloway

Pastel Chalk Drawing - Jill Calloway

Photo: Landscaping and Architecture - Hunter Persinger

Photo: Still Life/Macro - Samantha Sanders

Woodworking - Caleb Ogburn

Printmaking - Joshua Ogburn

Junior High Third Place Winners

Spelling - Wyatt Tucker

Speech - Humorous Interpretation - Joshua Ogburn

Craft - Wyatt Tucker

Black and White Pencil Drawing - Jenna Calloway

High School:

High School First Place Winners:

Bible Quizzing

Choral Group - Best of Show

Bible Memory - Allison Scott

Bible Preaching Evangelistic - Jesse Calloway

Bible Preaching Topical - Jonah Crawford

Bible Teaching - Allison Scott

Female Vocal Solo - Brielle Duff

Male Vocal Solo - Elijah McGraw

Piano Solo, Sacred - Brielle Duff

Speech: Declamation - Makayla Dunn - Best of Show

Craft - Jake Calloway

Black & White Pencil drawing - Makayla Dunn

Monochromatic Drawing - Makayla Dunn

Photo: People & Animals - Justin Calloway

High School Second Place Winners

Large Vocal Ensemble

Bible Preaching - Evangelistic - Justin Calloway

Bible Preaching Topical - Nathan Crabtree

Bible Preaching - Expository - Jonathan Voyles

Photo: Landscaping & Architecture - Jonah Crawford

Photo: People & Animals - Ellie McGraw

Craft - Talor Persinger

High School Third Place Winners

Spelling - Ashley Calloway

Bible Teaching Expository - Randy Voyles

Calligraphy - Carrie Flood

Photo: Still Life & Macro - Brielle Duff

Photo: Landscaping & Architecture - Jonathan Voyles

Textiles - Brielle Duff

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