Our Pastor

In the Fall of 1987, our Pastor, J. Dale Massengale, left his home, friends, and relatives as a result of a burden for a people he had never met before. In December of 1987, the first services were held in Kentucky. The church would later be organized and named in honor of our Pastor’s sending church- Pleasant View Baptist Church. Pastor Massengale started the church with just a few members in a small storefront building in Irvington. We later relocated to a larger facility in Hardinsburg and once more to the facilities we have today in McQuady. The past 27 years have held many joys, sorrows, battles, and triumphs for our church and our Pastor. We are thankful to have a man of God who loves us and desires to see us fruitful and faithful in serving the Lord. 

Not only does our Pastor have a touch of the Lord on him in his preaching, but also in his writing. He has written several articles for our church newsletter- The Pulpit. Below are the links to his articles.