Nursing Home Ministry

  • Hardinsburg Nursing And Rehabilitation Facility

    Bro Jim has served in the nursing home ministry with the Pleasant View Baptist Church for numerous years. He has a burden to see the elderly folks he ministers to get saved by the grace of God. Bro. Jim focuses on the nursing home in Hardinsburg. First and foremost, Bro. Jim thanks God for salvation through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. He is grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to serve Him in the ministry of the nursing home in Hardinsburg through our local church Pleasant View Baptist Church. 

  • Grayson Manor Nursing Facility

    Bro. Dunn is thankful to the Lord for His mercy and grace that He showed in allowing him to be saved and also calling him to preach. One of the first places in which Bro. Dunn preached was a nursing home. The people were glad to have someone to preach to them, yet the truth was that he was glad someone wanted to hear him preach! He said they needed each other.

    In every place Bro. Dunn has lived, he has always had the privilege to preach in a nursing home facility. The people there have always been responsive to his preaching. They are thankful for someone coming to them and preaching. Bro. Dunn sees this as a responsibility that he is allowed to preach to them in their latter years. It might be the last opportunity for some of them to hear the Truth! It is such a blessing to Bro. Dunn to see one give his heart to the Lord. He thanks God for allowing him to be a part of that.

  • Spring View Health & Rehab Center

    Under the authority of the Pastor, contact was made with Spring View and Grayson Manor Nursing Homes and started having services once a month at each facility. Bro. Dunn now conducts services at Grayson Manor while Bro. James Crawford goes to Spring View. 

  • Beaver Dam Nursing and Rehab Center

    The Lord has allowed Bro. Josh Owens and his family to be involved in several nursing home ministries over the years. Ever since moving to Beaver Dam in October of 2012, he had thought about starting one there, but just had not done it. On a Sunday night in January of 2013, Bro. James Crawford preached from Romans 10 on "Waiting for the Preacher," and the Lord strongly impressed on Bro. Josh’s heart to call about starting services at Beaver Dam Nursing & Rehab Center. God opened the door, and they were able to start in February. They hold services every third and fourth Monday evening, unless otherwise noted. Their desire in having the services is to see sinners come to Christ in repentance and faith and to bring church to saints that may not be able to get out and go, as they once did. 

In  Loving Memory of Bro. Curtis Crabtree

Bro. Curtis Crabtree, along with his family, was very involved in our nursing home minsitry. He was faithful to those people he served showing them what it means to be a Godly person in a wicked and perverse generation even till the very end.  Bro. Crabtree fought a battle with cancer for 2 years never faltering in serving these people.  One day while in this battle of cancer, Bro. Crabtree took his last breath in this life.  People may look at this situation and feel sorry for the man who did so well to fight this battle only to loose.  It's not about a winning or loosing battle but about who's already won and who you have on your side. Jesus lived inside his heart and that's all he could have ever asked for.  This message of salvation is what he tried to show each time he visited the nursing home.  Even through his battle Bro. Crabtree would always say, "God is good all the time." This is an inspiration to us all as we try to fulfill his legacy he has now left behind. We miss him and think about him often, but he has gone to be with his Creator and Savior and for that we can only rejoice.