Bible Quizzing

Bible quizzing is an extracurricular activity that is offered to all of the students at our school.  We have been involved in quizzing since 2000.  Learning large amounts of scripture has made a positive influence to our students, both academically and spiritually.  Each student involved in quizzing is required to learn a certain amount of chapters from that years passage. The passages are selected from the New Testament, with the exception of Luke and Revelation. The quizzing year starts in September with our KIQ Off quiz and ends in April at the AACS National competition.  In between this time quiz teams meet at invitational quizzes about once a month.  When the quizzing year is over our students work diligently learning and quoting the new passages till the quizzing year begins again.

Our KIQ off tournament is a great way to get your quizzing year started and also to get experience for new quizzers and teams. We would love for you to come join us! Look below to learn more. Thanks

KIQ OFF 2018

Come Join us for our annual KIQ off tournament to "kiq" off this Bible quiz year!

When: September 27th-29th

Material: 1st and 2nd Timothy

2017 Kentucky Innvotational Quiz

Thank you for attending our 2017 annual KIQ tournament!  Congratulations to the following teams that placed at our tournament this year.

First Division

1st place: Bethel Calvary, SC

2nd place: Woodside, CO

3rd place: Pleasant View-B, KY

Conciliation Tournament

1st place: Mountain View, SC