Men's Jubilee Work Day - Saturday, April 6th

Below are the tasks that need to be completed prior to Friday, April 12th. 

  • Miscellaneous:

    -Sweep down spiderwebs, wasp and birds nest, etc. from the ceiling, columns, and brick of church, office, science lab, kitchen and gym porches.

    -Wash ALL church, gym, and science lab porch columns with water hose and magic erasers making sure to remove all scuff marks. 

    -Clean all glass doors including ABOVE the doors. 

    -Wash outside of ALL exterior windows and doors, including Church, Science lab, School and Kitchen windows.

    -Sweep all sidewalks and porches around the entire facility, including the school porches facing the McQuady store.

    -Clean outside of both sets of gym doors with all purpose cleaner.

    Pressure wash ALL of the following:

    -Church porch, steps and ramp. Remove potted plants prior to pressure washing.

    -Columns, steps, sidewalks, and porches of the gym.(Don't forget the porches facing McQuady Store).

    -Steps, sidewalks, columns and porches of the Kitchen and Science Lab.

    -Rubber mats from the kitchen


    -Men's and Ladies bathrooms in the gym.

    -Spots on the gym wall.

    -Blue doors by the office. (touch up)

    -All gym doors (touch up)

    -Auditorium (touch up)

    -Glaze bathroom windows

    For questions regarding painting, please contact Tyler Townsend or Kevin Tucker.


     -Loose vinyl plank in the hallways.

    -Carpets cleaned in the auditorium.


    -Replace light ballast throughout the building.

    -Replace bulbs where needed.