"Home for the Holidays"

The Pleasant View Baptist School must CANCEL our Annual Christmas Dinner Theater, a production of

"Home for the Holidays!" 

After much discussion and prayerful thought this past week, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the 2022 Christmas Dinner Theater.  The Pastor has expressed a burden for a winter revival.  Due to scheduling beyond our control, the date for the revival conflicts with the date set for the dinner theater.  As we began to discuss the magnitude of planning, rehearsing, food preparation, decorating, lighting and sound set-up that proceeds, we feel that continuing with this event would be to taxing on everyone at an already busy time of year.  More importantly, all that we would have to do would take away the focus from the revival.  Far be it from us to stand in the way or be a hinderance to what the Lord may have in store!  

Again, please understand that we have looked at, and discussed all available options, including rescheduling the date.  To reschedule the week after, would put us back to what we did last year.  The theater and the cantata would be in the same weekend and that was just too much on everyone.  We understand the disappointment, but we ask that you please support us in this decision and help us dissuade any negative attitude or disgruntled opinions.  The staff and volunteers for this event are very disappointed at this schedule change, but we are at peace that this is the decision that we should make.  We will attempt to incorporate as many of the young people into the Christmas Cantata, and we are currently re-working the program to accommodate that.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Christmas Dinner Theater Student Dress Code

Ladies: Floor Length formal gowns in solid, traditional Christmas colors. No patterns or florals. Elementary girls can wear Dressy Christmas Dresses in traditional Christmas colors. All formals must be approved by Mrs. Massengale or Mrs. Calloway. 

Gentlemen: Black or Gray suits or tuxedos, white shirts and traditional Christmas Colored ties or bowties. Elementary boys can wear black or gray suits, vests or suspender sets with dark pants, white dress shirt and traditional Christmas Colored ties or bow ties. 

Traditional Christmas Colors: Red, Green, Black, Gray, Gold, Silver, Burgundy.